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A Festival of Dark Folk Music, Dark Comedy & Dark Artworks


A Community Art Show

Come support local art and learn the historic and cultural role of Halloween in the LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities through the perspective of local favorite artists. 

"A small community of artists in Portland are proud to present our October 2022 show, Priority. Priority features all Black, Indigenous, People of Color and Queer Artists."

-Curator Ryan Zweber



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Abriana Skye

Abriana Skye is an agender, indigenous artist painting from life and spiritual experience. Born in August of 1997 in a desert city of southern California, they have moved from several states since their birth. Living in Portland now for six years now, it has given them the space to come into themselves, without fear. Abriana enjoys creating with oil paint, for it captures the volume of emotion within each stroke. With their work they hope to inspire love and acceptance self and others. Of whatever parts of the self feel as though needs to be hidden away.

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A.B. Corduroy

zzzwalking is an ongoing project using symbolism and art to tell a story where words cannot. Live. Dream. Wander Between