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Found Footage • Vintage Video • Nostalgia Mining

Remember that one show or toy from childhood that always stuck with you, but you just never got around to revisiting as an adult? This multimedia comedy show is all about that.

We bring in a guest and ask them for a pop culture milestone from their youth... be it a film, TV show, cartoon, book or whatever, just something that made a huge impact on them as kids, but for some reason they have never gone back to give it another try.

We then find the most absurd and fun clips and play them in real time while we, our guests, and our audience get to riff, laugh and remember. Additionally we throw in a bunch of WTF commercials and PSAs from over the years.

Featuring panel conversations, music, film clips, commercials and a lot of fuzzy memories.

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Our Story

Beginning back in the mid 70's, Forgotten Fantasies sprung  from the mind of creator Michael Garcia as he sponged up more horror movies and odd cult cinema then he could keep straight, he always dreamed of a resource to help track down these lost "forgotten fantasies". After years of combing  archives, both digital and written,  and sifting through old video stores his collection began to build and he realized there was more here than simple nostalgia, Michael founded Macaque Attack Media in 1999 to try to find a way to share this collection and his love of all things obscure & Absurd. Teaming up  with the comedy tour de force that is Avalon Leonetti in 2016, a new live show was created. Melding the absurd laughter that comes from found footage, and the sometime personal, sometimes hilarious memories of guests that come on the show with simple fuzzy memories of media past, they've managed to create a unique and mesmerizing live multi-media show that is now making its move into online streaming. After establishing Forgotten Fantasies as Portland Oregon's premiere found footage show, they've joined forces with Aaron Wagner and Nick Puente to create the live in theater movie riffing show VHS Vengeance and the Saturday morning brunch extravaganza Cartoons & Cocktails. 

Meet The Team

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